Enquiry from Customer

The more precise, the better

Once an enquiry for a specific special solution from a customer reaches us, the respective sales representative will contact the customer directly to communicate the exact specifications of the product.

To create the requirement profile, we need (as far as possible) a detailed information on the following criteria:

Media behaviour:
Type of media, Pressure range, Temperature, Flow characteristics

Industrial segment, Surrounding, Space, Handling

Assembly, Specifications, Others

The more accurate the communication is, and the more information we receive, the faster and precisely the targeted process of the development can begin. Our sales and technical staff are prepared to go on location at any time to obtain an exact picture of the application and requirements.

Upon these initial, but significantly important steps, a pre-analysis takes place between sales and development staff, whether and by what means the requirements of the customer can be implemented.

Couplings for the Food Sector

LÜDECKE developed a system for cleaning applications in the food sector

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