Compressed Air Supply at the Highest Level – with the LÜDECKE Pneumatic Program

In modern industrial companies, a problem-free and energy-efficient supply of compressed air is the prerequisite for a flawless production process.
The versatile, high-quality LÜDECKE quick connect couplings are ideal for all types of compressed air applications. They enable quick and easy connection or disconnection of media distribution lines with tools, machines and systems. In addition to standard components, the LÜDECKE product portfolio also includes couplings with various locking mechanisms for reliable and controlled handling in complex applications. To ensure the greatest possible compatibility, we also offer a large selection of European and International plug profiles.

The LÜDECKE pneumatic program is optimally supplemented by suitable MODY spiral hoses, blow-off guns and valves as well as pneumatic screwings and fittings.

The advantages at a glance:

  • High-quality materials (brass, steel, stainless steel)
  • Robust, reliable, absolutely tight and durable
  • Easy to couple
  • Available in different sizes, connection and valve types
  • High energy efficiency
  • Quick connect couplings with various locking mechanisms
  • Numerous possible uses in pneumatics, measurement, regulation and control technology


Pneumatics program

Pneumatics Overview

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