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The WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® Range

The garden season has started and so it is the perfect time for the WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® range.

Whether for private gardening, commercial gardening & landscaping as well as agriculture, we offer high-quality coupling systems made of brass and stainless steel for nearly all kinds of water applications. In addition to the classic claw couplings and quick connect couplings, the WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® range. consists of first-class spray nozzles and wand nozzles that make it easy to water large areas. Various hose reels, wall hose reels and additional accessories are completing the range.

Of course, the products can also be used in the food industry, for cleaning or supply services in industrial workplaces or for drinking water applications.
The WaterProfi by LÜDECKE® couplings and fittings are interchangeable with market usual plug profiles and offer the opportunity to combine and connect according to requirement for a flexible, expandable water system.

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