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New home for aprox. 3000 animals

Alexander Hirschmann-Titz from the Bavarian beekeeping association came up with the insect protection project LÜDECKE was immediately open minded for this project.

Special shaped concrete blocks which usually function as boundary for the company driveway now contain about ten nesting boxes for wild bees, so that they can find a new home right next to the LÜDECKE pond. Since wild bees are on the Red List of Threatened Species and about 60 percent of the 120 native species in the Upper Palatinate are potentially facing extinction, this is a reasonable project, we gladly like to support.

Since last fall the elementary schools in Illschwang and Ammerthal as well as the secondary schools Krötensee and Kümmersbruck participated in this project. As part of their biology class the pupils arranged the insect shelters and learned about the massive pollinator decline which also affects to bees as well. The intense use of insecticides and the elimination of natural habitats like cultivated and wild orchards have a threatening impact on the population of the bees which are part of the native flora.

Besides the Bavarian beekeeping association, the volunteer agency Amberg as well as the municipality are also project partners. Due to the success of the 2015/16 joint campaign “Amberg summt” (“Amberg hums”) both organisations enlarge their cooperation with the project “Pro Insekt” to increase the public awareness for the pollinator decline. Everyone can contribute into the local nature protection. Schools, private households, societies or companies like LÜDECKE are wanted to support spreading this concern.

To push environmental protection projects the volunteer agency is looking for voluntary employees. In cooperation with the OTH Amberg-Weiden they award a bachelor thesis, where a website with the subject insect protection needs to be designed.

Source: Amberger Zeitung 04/14/2018, (ptgf)