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LÜDECKE Blühender Betrieb

LÜDECKE is awarded as „Blooming Company”

Sustainability and environmental protection are an integral part of the LÜDECKE-DNA and are clearly visible throughout the company premises.
The entire company area has an enormous proportion of green space:

Many wildflower meadows, extensive green roof areas, three ponds, several hedges, various insect hotels, a 4,000 square meter park with bee colonies as well as a huge orchard and a herb garden. These green and water areas create a natural oasis in the middle of the industrial area. At the same time it offers a home and a valuable retreat for numerous species of fish, insects and birds.

For this commitment, LÜDECKE has now been awarded as “Blooming Company” by the Blühpakt Bayern.
The aim of the Blühpakt Bayern is to work with social and economic actors to give insects back their habitats and to make a decisive contribution to Bavarian biodiversity. Companies that receive this award form their open spaces on the company premises in accordance to nature and thus create food sources and habitats for insects.

This criteria must be met:

  • At least 20% of the open spaces on the company premises are designed to be natural
  • No extensive use of chemical pesticides
  • Parts of the flowering areas remain uncut over the winter (breeding and wintering sites for insects)
  • No use of peat-containing substrates in the composition and maintenance of open spaces


For LÜDECKE conserving nature as well as the preservation or creation of natural areas for native animal or plant species is particularly important for several years. With the Blühpakt Bayern we are glad to found a partner who shares these interests and goals at 100% and who provides great support with such an enormous knowledge.

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